International Baccalaureate Programme

Do you want to learn more about our global world and how we are connected to each other? Do you want to study on a course wholly given in English, where you will be challenged and where you will also have the opportunity to study abroad?

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB Programme) is a course that is taught in accordance with the rules and standards that apply to  IB schools. It is centred on giving you an understanding of your role in the global world. You will also learn to use skills that will open the door to lifelong learning.

IB World School
Haganässkolan has been approved by the International Baccalaurate (IB) organisation and is therefore able to offer the IB Programme. IB World School has a common philosophy - a mission to improve education and learning in a multifaceted and inclusive way with students, and to deliver a challenging, high-quality programme for an international education.

The International Baccalaureate is an internationally recognised upper secondary school programme that will qualify you for higher education studies in more than a hundred countries, including Sweden.

If you have set your sights on continuing your studies abroad, the Pre-Diploma Programme with a follow-on two-year International Baccalaureate Programme are a good choice.

PDP, Pre-Diploma Programme
The Pre-Diploma Programme is a preparatory year for the IB Programme, which is also taught at Haganässkolan. During the preparatory one-year, you will study the same courses as in a Swedish Gymnasium programme and nearly all the courses are given in English.  You will get used to studying in English, develop your study techniques, choose the subjects you want to study and at what level once you start on the IB Programme.

After the first year, you will be graded according to the Swedish system (F-A) in all subjects. You will then be able either to continue on the IB Programme, or on a Swedish Gymnasium programme if you qualify for a national programme.

DP 1
Programme structure
The programme consists of six subjects chosen from the following six categories: You choose one subject from each group:
• Language A: Swedish, English, or School Supported Self Taught (other languages)
• Language B: English,Swedish
• Individuals and societies: Business Management, Global Politics, Psychology
• Experimental Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Design Technology
• Mathematics: Two levels
• Electives: Visual arts (you are allowed to swap the arts subject with another subject in the other categories if you wish).

You study three subjects at Higher Level (240 hours) and three at Standard Level (150 hours). In addition to the six subjects, there are another three subjects that all IB students throughout the world study. The three subjects are included in the examination and represent an important part of the programme:

1. Theory of Knowledge trains you to think critically. During lectures, logic, ethics and philosophy are discussed. Grades for the course are based on an essay on one of the subjects and an oral presentation that you give.
2. Extended Essay is a minor research project in one of the subjects. The essay you write will be of 4,000 words. For that, you will immerse yourself more deeply in one of the six subjects you have chosen.
3. The CAS Programme - creativity, action and service.

To gain your qualification, you must pass in your subjects, as well as the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge essay, and must have completed your CAS one month before your examinations.

The examinations are conducted at the end of the last term in the IB Programme. They account for 80 percent of your grades. Each subject is graded on a scale from 1-7 (where  the top grade is 7). In Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay you will be graded in accordance with  the tables E-A (where the top grade is A).

Course Plans
Course plan 2020PDF (pdf, 189.7 kB)
(pdf, 42.5 kB)

Application form
Application in EnglishPDF (pdf, 254.4 kB)

Policy documents
Admission Policy PDP and DPPDF (pdf, 156.5 kB)
Assessment PolicyPDF (pdf, 317.2 kB)
Academic Honesty PolicyPDF (pdf, 223.6 kB)
Language PolicyPDF (pdf, 195.5 kB)
Equal Treatment PlanPDF (pdf, 341.1 kB)
General Regulations DPPDF (pdf, 185.4 kB)
Placement Test Guidance 2020PDF (pdf, 220.7 kB)
Mission StatementPDF (pdf, 80 kB)