Adult education

At Vuxenutbildningen, we offer Swedish for Immigrants (SFI), individual courses at Grundskola level and Gymnasium level, coordinated vocational courses for adults (Yrkesvux ) and adult education for those with special needs (Särvux).

Are you thinking about taking up studies? We can offer you a range of options.

In consultation with our study and vocational supervisor, you can arrange your studies in a way that suits you.

In the case of the Gymnasium courses, you may only have to add a single subject or course to be eligible for a particular university or college course, or you may need to study several subjects to obtain your Gymnasium certificate.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try and find a solution together! In Vuxenutbildningen, you have considerable scope for controlling the pace and methods of your studies and what you want to study. We try to be flexible so that you can combine studying with work and family.

We offer coordinated vocational courses (Yrkesvux) in Child Development & Recreation, Health & Social Care, Industry (CNC), Building & Construction and Restaurant & Food Science. For more information, click on the links.

We can also offer Yrkesvux under the auspices of other municipalities, and today we are already working with Markaryd and Ljungby, meaning that as a resident of Älmhult you can apply for courses offered by those municipalities.

If you have a development disorder, we can offer Särvux (Adult Education for those with Special Needs). Please contact us for help with guidance and organisation of your studies.

Contact us for more information!