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Social assistance and cost-of-living allowance

Social assistance

The municipality is ultimately responsible for helping and supporting people living and staying in the municipal area, if needed. Economic support may be granted if living cannot be provided for in any other way.
The Social Services Department handles applications for economic support on the basis of current laws, and general guidelines adopted by the municipal council.

Cost-of-living allowance

Entitlement for economic support is defined by the Social Services Act. The benefit is divided in two parts — a fixed amount based on national standards, and an individual part for reimbursement of other eligible expenses. Any income and property/assets reduces the size of the allowance.
You can calculate the amount you might be entitled to External link. on the National Board of Health and Welfare's website (available in Swedish only). 

Terms for receiving economic support

If you are unemployed, you must actively search for employment to claim benefits. It is also mandatory to accept any job offer that you may receive.

Right of appeal

If your application is rejected, partly or in full, you have the right to appeal the decision. Send your appeal to the Social Services Department. The appeal must be received by the municipality no later than three weeks after you have been informed of the decision. The Social Services Department may then choose to review its decision. If no review is done, the original decision is sent to the county administrative court, together with the appeal. The court's decision may in turn be appealed, by the applicant or the Social Services Department, to the administrative court of appeal.

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